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Flag of the Southern CameroonsOver the last 20 years, we have done well at reviving the history of the Southern Cameroons, which our enemies had pushed to the graveyards of history. We have created a tight legal case justifying the independence of the Southern Cameroons. We have brought the Southern Cameroons case from the sidelines to the center of Southern Cameroons national discourse. We must now help the people to build the confidence and committment that will cause them to bend down and pick up their independence.

This site will not repeat things we have already done well, so no history, no legal argument unless it pertains to the topic. This site aims to imagine our future; to imagine the kind of country we intend Southern Cameroons to be; to inspire those who lead our independence groups; to inspire each other to dream the best dreams we intend to realize in Southern Cameroons.
We have made errors--it's human. At this site, we want to study the that other African countries made; we want to create ways to avoid those pitfalls. We want this site to become an idea basket or toolkit to accelerate our progress. This site is intended to be a thinkroom, made possible by available technology. Previously, thinktanks were possible with the support of grants and requiring expensive offices in high rent districts. Not anymore.

This is a collaborative website. Invitations shall be sent out to Southern Cameroonians and friends of the Southern Cameroons with various interests and strengths to contribute to its development. If you can draft an email, you are capable of adding to the site. It is that simple. You may use your own name or an alias to register. It really does not matter. Do not be afraid to edit the site. You cannot damage it.

The Spirit:
There shall be room in this website for a wide range of ideas. Thus, there may be disagreement, and such disagreement should be argument-based and not hinged on mere polemics and definitely not ad hominems. Better still, contributors should aim at essay formats with well-developed ideas. As an invited writer, you have the freedom to edit others' contributions, thus there is no individual copyright here. It is meant to be a true collaborative exercise, in the spirit of Wikipedia ( We hope one of more of our writers updates the Wikipedia entry on the Southern Cameroons). As a contributor, remember that you are actually building the Southern Cameroons nation for your children and grandchildren in thought and spirit. It is thus sacred work, and that is how it should be approached. Every good product (and every bad one) starts in the mind. There is no such thing as an impossibility. There is still a segment of the Southern Cameroons population that has resigned itself to secondary and even tertiary status as the colony of a mediocre state. We are the dream builders of a vital, progressive and prosperous future. We want a country that actually contributes to the well being and progress of the planet and does not consistently beg and steal.

Contributors/writers/editors are strictly by invitation, however, this website can be read by the entire public. Some of your fellow collaborators are public Southern Cameroons activists. There are some who are experts and office-holders in the bowels of la Republique, who support the Southern Cameroons cause in secret. If you are one of the later, take care to take an assumed name at registration. Welcome, it is now possible for you to contribute your ideas to the cause, without being exposed.

If you are coming here for the first time as a contributor, take about an hour to mess around with the controls and to get familiar with them. It is really quite easy.

Feel free to start new topics. Examples of topics you may want to start(or join):

  • Government of the Southern Cameroons
  • The Economy
  • The Constitution
  • The Arts
  • Turning the Southern Cameroons into a new Taiwan or Singapore in 20 years
  • Foriegn policy
  • Managing natural resources
  • Health Care
  • Ministry of Education or Institute of Lifelong learning
  • From commodities to high tech economy
  • Solutions to the ethnic divide.
  • Communications

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